Work with Whitney

consultations and training  for teams, clinics and professional individuals developing BIPOC-centered care.

Become more informed in your treatment and support for BIPOC clients suffering with disordered eating/eating disorders and trauma.

Let me help you become a stronger advocate for your BIPOC clients.

How can my services improve your health practice?

It’s more important than ever that health professionals have cultural competency woven into their treatments and practices, to ensure that their BIPOC communities are getting equitable care. I offer you a safe space for questions and curiosity while giving you the appropriate tools to become a strong advocate for your clients.


Better serve BIPOC clients with disordered eating and eating disorders.


Become better equipped to handle bipoc trauma in your practice.


Develop appropriate protocols for Black and brown clients in extended care.


become recognized as a safe, inclusive and equitable professional / organization.


have an experienced professional to answer your questions.


Question About My Services?

If you have questions around how my services may look for your specific practice, please reach out to me and I would be happy to create a custom package for you.

"Whitney is an expert clinician, consultant, and teacher. She possesses an incredibly rich and varied clinical background, which she thoughtfully integrates with her own lived experience and intuition. Working with Whitney has expanded my worldview and challenged my assumptions in the best possible ways. And she has done so with directness, kindness, and compassion. If you are looking to develop a more equitable, trauma-informed approach to your work, I cannot recommend anyone more strongly than Whitney."

Marci Evans, MS, CEDRD-S, LDN, cPT

Consultation Fees

Whether you are an individual, team or treatment center, I can provide you with a comprehensive consultation package that suits the needs of your business. Consultation fees depend upon the level of support and training you are seeking. Packages range from $425-5000 USD.


  • $225 per session
  • For consultation on retainer or long-term consulting, please contact me for a custom quote.

Case Supervision

  • $150 for single consultation
  • 3 supervisions for $425

To discuss how I may help you build a anti-racist and culturally competent practice, and better serve your BIPOC clients please book a free 15 minute call with me.

This guide outlines the essential considerations you need to know when referring resources or an extended level of care for your BIPOC clients. 

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