Bluff City Health 

Bluff City Health LLC serves clients who are wanting to repair their relationship with food and body.  

Nutritional Counseling with a special focus on BIPOC-centered care.

Located in the heart of Memphis, I established Bluff City Health to be a place of compassion, healing and self discovery of nutritional health. As a registered dietitian and nurse, I combine my love of health, wellness, and yoga into my client centered approach. 

As a black Dietitian, I also recognize that their are limited options available for black and brown men, women and children when it comes to eating disorders and disordered eating. While I serve clients of all intersections, I am passionate about BIPOC-centered care. 

As a black woman, and an experienced Dietitian and Nurse, I understand that BIPOC individuals often need specialized care and treatment due to the racially and socially insensitive systems built within health  organizations and treatment centers. Clients of color often face systemic racism, misdiagnosis and a lack of fair treatment when seeking help. 


I offer personalized one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions and packages. Clients that are medically cleared to do movement can attend my personalized yoga and movement groups and classes. Individual breath work and medication can be incorporated in individual sessions. I accept payments in cash, check, Mastercard, Paypal and Visa.

*All counselling sessions are currently virtual.

Nutritional Counseling

1:1 Support
  • One on One nutritional counseling for clients with disorder eating and eating disorders.
  • Medical nutrition therapy for disease management.  
  • Initial consultations are $120. Follow-up sessions are $80 (45min). I also offer services on a sliding scale for clients with financial challenges. 
  • I offer superbills for my clients to submit to their insurance providers

Black Girl Binge

Group Support
  • Black girl binge is a support group that runs for 6-8 weeks (about 2 months) at a time.

  •  Black girl binge addresses the intersection of race, culture, food, and nutrition and how each of these impacts our relationship with food and body. 

  • Pricing is on a sliding scale, please inquire.


Black Girl Binge

“Can you say “AHA moment”?! Black Girl Binge Support Group was Everything! As a black woman, it has not been common to connect with the words binge eating disorder, but Whitney helped me to see what I have been struggling with for so many years.  I felt at home being able to connect with women of color from all over the US who like me struggle with Binge Eating Disorder. The support group and Whitney’s approach to the work is indeed groundbreaking and I feel blessed to have been one of the first participants. I am now on a journey toward intuitive eating and a more positive self image!

Dear Whitney,

I just wanted to thank you for creating a safe space to speak about disorder eating struggles. After your classes, I felt like I could more easily recognize my triggers and allow myself grace instead of judgment knowing that I am not alone in this journey.


Registered Dietitian 
  • University of Memphis
  • Internship and masters degree in December 2011
Registered Nurse
  • University of Tennessee Health Science Center
  • 2015 Graduate

& Acheivements

  • Memphis Top 30 professionals under 30-2016
  • University of Memphis – Outstanding Alumni 2016
  • Kirkwood Community College- Distinguished Alumni 2016
  • NCAA- Division 1 Athlete
  • 2019 Finalist for Health Care Heroes 
  • 2015 UTHSC Nursing class award

"It is rare to find a practitioner with such deep and varied expertise. As a nurse and dietitian who works closely with mental health therapists, Whitney is well-versed in every facet of eating disorder recovery. She is not just a fierce advocate for her clients, she is dedicated to making the world a better place for her clients with her work in social justice and body liberation. Whitney’s warmth, empathy, and humor make her a joy to work with."

– Amanda Dodson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker