I’m Whitney

I bridge the gap between social justice, anti-racism and health so that you can be a powerful ally advocate for your BIPOC clients.

Dietitians, in general, receive very little training on cultural sensitivity or how to navigate the barriers that BIPOC clients face while accessing treatment to eating disorder facilities.

I serve Dietitians and other clinicians in developing the tools and knowledge they need to appropriately treat Black and brown people with eating disorders, while educating them on the relevance of systemic racial disparities in their diagnosis and treatment, so they can move from being simply “inclusive” in their practice, to becoming fully proactive anti-racist in their work.

Resources for Dietitians

My personal favorite collection of resources for dietitians and nutritional professionals that are looking for more education around BIPOC care and anti-racism work.

Bluff City Health

My nutritional counseling practice, offers treatment and support for individuals suffering with disordered eating and eating disorders.  I specialize in providing BIPOC-centered care, though I serve clients of all races and backgrounds.

Black Girl Binge Support Group

Black Girl Binge addresses the intersection of race, culture, food, and nutrition and how each of these impacts our relationship with food and body. Groups run for 6-8 weeks.


Anti-Racism Consulting for Dieticians

Did you know?

Many dietitians aren’t aware of the specific circumstances BIPOC clients face in seeking support with thier health – especially in regards to disordered eating and EDs.

Certain tools we traditionally use to assess our clients are built upon outdated and often patriarcal systems, that are inherently racist, such as the BMI – which was structured around the physical profiles of white males, and does often inaccurately miscategorizes BIPOC individuals with eating disorders/disordered eating.*

  • Black teens more likely than white teens to exhibit bulimic behavior: 50% 50%

You can’t be Anti-Diet without being Anti-Racist

Being an anti-diet clinician is a commitment to dismantling the oppressive systems and de-moralizing food. Diet culture is rooted in the ideology of shrinking your body to conform with American beauty standards. All bodies are good bodies, all bodies are beautiful bodies, and all bodes deserve justice.

My mission is to support you in the knowledge, tools and appropriate protocols necessary for BIPOC-centered care in your eating disorder practice.

Become an Advocate

If you have been looking for support in better serving your BIPOC clients in your nutrition practice, I invite you to a complimentary consultation about working together to help you broaden your scope of practice.


This guide outlines the essential considerations you need to know when referring resources or an extended level of care for your BIPOC clients. 

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